I’m 13 and I’m turning 14 June 18th, going into high school next year. So all I have to do is wait until I get into high school and then I could try to fly or do some lessons. I live partially near mc Arthur airport and I love flying, could I do an aviation program or something I really want to become a pilot, it’s been my dream job ever since I was 8. I have very good grades in school and would do anything to become a pilot. Also is flying an airplane scary? :smile:

Hello Ryan,

While you can take lessons, unfortunately you can’t get your Student Pilot license until your 16 or your Private Pilot License till you’re 17 so there really isn’t much point in starting this early. My best advice is study hard and do well in school. Be patient your time will come.

One more suggestion is I would pay a visit to the local CAP (Civil Air Patrol). The CAP is the Air Force Auxiliary. While you may not have any desire to serve (or fly) in the military, one of their primary functions is aviation programs for young people. They offer a number of classes in aviation as well as actually giving you the opportunity to do some flight training for minimal cost. If you ever did decide to enter the military the CAP would be very beneficial to you and if not and you do want to fly for an airline it’ll look great on your resume.

As for flying being scary for some people the answer is no, for others it’s terrifying. You won’t know until you try.


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Are you in Suffolk or Nassau County? Have you considered doing the BOCCES Aviation program while in high school?


Hey Chris,

I live in Suffolk county I live in mastic and I’m not in high school yet but I’m going to be in it after the summer and isn’t there a aviation pilot program in MacArthur or calabro ?

Thx for the advice Adam, so where is this military aviation program ? Also I am doing very good in school, I always get high honor role. Also study what ?
Thx for the tips Adam :+1:


The CAP has squadrons at most smaller airports (including I’m certain ISP). Visit their website , find the local squadron and schedule a visit. They can give you tons of info on the programs they have available.



There is a BOCCES program at MacArthur, but I believe it is only for Nassau County students. I suggest checking with your guidance counselor about this, it is a great program.


Thx Chris, I’ll check it out :+1:

K I’ll check it out Adam so is it like seasonal or like every day ? Like could I go asap or do I have to wait ?

As was said before, you can’t get do much for a few years, 14 is too young to get a student pilot certificate. You can learn on your own, get some books, ask your parents to get you some flight simulator gear for Christmas/birthday etc., and gain knowledge through programs like the Civil Air Patrol, but at your age more than a few flights with an instructor to see if you actually enjoy small planes is (in my opinion) a waste of money…

It’s great that you’re enthusiastic, but you’ve got a lot of time to wait before you’re eligible for much. Also, as far as specifics for the programs mentioned, the mentors here probably don’t know a ton they are simply trying to point you in a direction, I would look up details on the websites for those programs themselves, ask around at your local airport, etc.

I hope you’re not discouraged, flying is tremendous fun, but you’re still VERY young to be considering ANY career, let alone one which requires so many things (numerous ratings, medical certification, college degree) to get into.

Good luck, and I hope you make it someday!


The CAP generally have meetings once a week a one Saturday a month. The CAP offers not only powered but glider instruction to it’s cadets and it’s all included with your membership. I’m actually VERY familiar with them as I was a Capt, Mission, Transport and Instructor with the CAP (although it’s been a few years) and trust me it’s a great way to get your feet wet. The also offer many classes both at the squadron and online. Min age for cadets is 12 so you can join right away if you so chose. I know many pilots who got their start with the CAP so again I encourage you to check them out.

No need to be discouraged and it’s NEVER to early to start pursuing your dreams!


Seems like we learn something new about you every day Adam… :wink:

K Adam I’ll check it out thx for the help and hopefully I’ll become a pilot :heart:

K thx for the tip red :slight_smile: