Air Force Reserve


I’m about to turn 18 and wanted to serve in the Air Force Reserve part time while i’m a full time student. The air force reserve said it would only be 1 weekend out of a month (saturday and sunday 8 hours each) and a 2 week consecutive period once a year.

It’s a 6 year of duty contract and 2 more years of off duty contract. I wanted to see if this would get in the way of me becoming an Airline pilot in 4 years.

Please let me know. Thanks Androu


Possibly? My question is as a full-time student and reservist when were you planning on doing your flight training?



I would wait until after completing flight training to join the Reserves. Yes, ATP will work with you on your commitment to the Reserves, but that does not make it in your best interests to do so. ATP’s program is highly condensed, taking weekends and a few weeks off will detract from your studying, and that is not even taking getting deployed into account. I would do the flight training, then join the guard.


Are you a full time student in high school or college? If you’re already enrolled in college I would continue with that and complete at the minimum your Associates degree. It would be best to complete a 4 year bachelors degree first. Getting good grades and securing that degree with a great GPA is crucial for the majors. Its best not to multitask through college because one will always suffer. Then at 21/22, complete your flight training at an accelerated pace and then re-evaluate the time you have to join the reserves. Thats what I would do…

You mentioned you are 18 and want to know if it will get in the way of being a pilot in four years…So I assume you you are going to college in that four years. I can’t attest to the guard and being a pilot ( I am not a pilot). I can only attest to how college and the Guard was for me. It was great! I have a four year degree with absolutely NO debt, got paid a couple hundred bucks while at drill and received a monthly stipend of a couple hundred bucks for books, food, things like that. I also worked 30-35 hours a week and managed my class load just fine, although I had a pretty easy field of study.

My thought is that if you plan on getting a four year degree for the majors, this is a good way to pay for it IF you already have a heart for service…I have heart for that…If you are doing it only for the free college, you will hate it.

FWIW By the time you are done with your degree, you will only have two years of service left. In the mean time, employers can’t hold it against you and most are very understanding.