Air Force

I’m currently in high school and was planing on entering the Air Force. While in there I wanted to know if there is any course I could take to eventually become an air pilot.


Not sure if the Air Force has “courses” but they do have pilot slots for officers and that would certainly help.



This question is for an Air Force recruiter.

My question to you is are you joining to serve or to fly? Air Force is a minimum 10 year commitment. Flying for the Air Force is not guaranteed. Rare actually. If you’re joining to serve then it shouldn’t matter what duty you’re assigned. If you’re joining with the hopes to fly and have the government pay for it, don’t.

If you aren’t already aware, the Air Force also isn’t the only way to serve and fly either. I advise you to explore other options as well. Again, the best person you should be talking to about flying in some capacity for the country is a recruiter. They’re more familiar with all of the avenues.

If your ultimate goal is to fly for a major airline some day, it would be a lot faster to do that through the civilian route. Everything you need to know on how to do that can be found in the FAQ section.


If you are not yet 18, go to the recruiter. Take a parent or guardian with you. Ask a LOT of questions. Sign NOTHING until you are 100% sure of what you are being offered. Tory is right, just because you are in the Air Force does not mean you will be a pilot…not even remotely common. 4% of the 365,000 people in the Air Force are actually pilots…the rest are personnel, maintenance, security, medical, etc, etc. The military is a great “job” but service to your country and a willingness to lay your life on the line for your country’s defense should be the driving force. There are many, many other ways to pay for your flight training. Good luck!