Air traffic Controller

Hey guys, is the future for Atc great? Also, will automation take over their jobs? I’ve thought about this career.

I know very little about being an Air Traffic Controller. You would need to speak with somebody in that field regarding that career.



My nephew actually just became a controller. Here’s what I know. Demand is high, the pay and benefits are good and there will be drones flying passengers before ATC becomes automated (neither of which will be any time soon).

There’s tons of info online and certificate programs to help with the training and getting hired. If you have interest it’s worth looking in to.



I’m currently an engineer with the FAA and work with the controllers. You can apply directly with the FAA to become a controller at Keep in mind that the age cut-off is 31 years old when you enter training. Training to become a controller is tough and the FAA has a high washout rate. Like stated above, pay and benefits are very good.