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Airbus A321XLR

Some interesting facts about the Airbus A321XLR below, I’m not a huge Airbus guy, but this variant of the A321 seems like it will be a big game changer for narrow body fleet. Four U.S. Airlines (American, Frontier, jetBlue and United) are purchasers of this new aircraft. Using similar technology to the Boeing 757-200/300, this will be an interesting “leap” for Airbus.

I wonder what competitor Boeing will respond with? :sunglasses:

10 Things You Must Know About The Airbus A321XLR - YouTube [14:11]


Cool video, thanks for sharing. While there’s no question many carriers will take advantage of the range and economy, NRT-SFO and MIA-LHR on a narrow body sounds painful.



I am sure Boeing will respond with some “upgraded” version of the 737. The self destruction of Boeing, formerly one of America’s greatest companies, has been fascinating to watch and will undoubtedly studied in business schools.

When I got my MBA back in 08 I did an investment thesis around Boeing and how the 787 would significantly change air travel by allowing more point to point long haul routes compared to the traditional hub and spoke model.

Boeing has needed to replace the 757 for a long time but has chosen to push the venerable 737 to try and fill the mission but the limitations on the old airframe just isn’t quite suited. Hopefully the NMA project gets back on track, I think the 321XLR presents many interesting opportunities to connect cities that are otherwise too small to support wide body long haul service.

Though I am on board with Adam, not sure I want to spend 10 hours in a narrow body. Though I wonder if it’s possible to make a smaller wide body than the 787, so instead of the “flying pencil” 757 we would get a “fat max” :nerd_face: