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Aircraft fuel

Hey, so I was talking to my cousins and family members about where the fuel of the aircraft is carried? now to my knowledge, I know that it is stored in the wings of the plane. But they think that it is not located but it is carried somewhere else. would someone clarify that for me.

thank you.


Depends on the plane. All small aircraft carry fuel in their wings. Larger, commercial aircraft not only carry fuel in their wings, but also in their belly’s and their tails.



Well, after sixteen years of being an airline pilot, I just learned something. I did not know that some large airplanes carry fuel in their tails, so thank you to Adam for that knowledge.

When I flew the 737-300, we had additional "bladder tanks: in the forward cargo hold to help the aircraft have additional range and actually make it to the west coast.


Yup, the A330 has a tail tank and fuel is actually pumped fore and aft throughout the flight to constantly adjust the CG for optimal efficiency. Them French are fancy!