Aircraft maintenance technology as a Bachelor's degree

Hello guys. I’m from the Philippines. I’m planning on becoming a pilot. Do you guys think that a degree in aircraft maintenance technology is a good degree before becoming a pilot?


Airlines want a degree but are far less concerned about the field of study. If aircraft maintenance is something you find interesting then by all means study it but it won’t help you as a pilot anymore than art appreciation. Ok maybe a little :slight_smile:


Thanks adam. But that would also mean that history majors are as much applicable so long as you’ve got a ton of flight time? Wouldn’t an aviation related degree help in the hiring process?

I am not aware of any maintenance degrees that are actually bachelor’s degrees. You will need a four year degree for major airlines in the US.

No it wouldn’t. Again the majors want a 4yr degree and the required licences, ratings and flight time.


there is one in the Pennsylvania college of technology. A 4 year bachelor’s degree program. Also in the Philippines we have an aircraft maintenance technology degree program. Your insights helped a lot. Thanks guys