Airline before 21

If you had all 1500 hours but were 20 years and 10 months old, would you be able to start in a training class at an airline? Or, would you have to wait until you’re 21 to start class?

This is all hypothetical but I was just curious



That’s a great question. I would seem like they would because unlike any of the other requirements, you will, most definitely turn 21. That said requirements are requirements and airlines don’t like paying people for not flying. I would think they would probably hire you but give you a class date closer to your birthday to make sure all the boxes are checked before you go for your checkride but honestly I’m guessing. Regardless it’s not a bad problem to have.



I a with Adam on this, but if it is really a concern for you, I recommend contacting the recruiting department of the airline you want to work for. I am sure this will not be the first time they have had the issue come up.


My son’s FI was hired two months ago by Skywest but doesn’t turn 21 until August. He has 1000 hours and continues to instruct 7 students and take college courses. He went for his introductory weekend recently and they informed him he could start training before he turned 21 but had to have his birthday sometime during training. He anticipates starting approximately 6 weeks prior so he can finish right after he turns 21. Not sure about the other regionals. Hope this helps.

Last I checked, SkyWest allows for you to turn 21 while in class. It obviously must occur prior to or on the day of the checkride.