Airline Direct Track

Hi all!

I was just peeking into the Airline Direct Track Program , the one in which you pay the extra 169k to get to 1,500 hours quicker rather than working as a CFI. Question is, the program if I’m correct goes:

Commercial (Single Engine)
Skip CFI
Enter the Airline Direct Program and Start Time Building to 1,500.

Question is, seems like when you finish this program you will have 1,500 hours of single engine time if I’m correct? Doesn’t this, Yes help you reach 1,500 hours quickly but also really lack in getting you multi-engine time which almost all airlines require when you apply? I just see the lack of any multi-engine time being a huge issue in this program. Please let me know if I’m wrong. Thanks!


You really have to dig through the material but it’s in there. You would get your Commercial ME prior to starting the Airline Direct Program.



It doesn’t specify but commercial would be commercial multi engine land. You’re doing your initial commercial pilot rating in the Seminole to check both boxes at once. You’ll get the required 25 hours of multi time. Then the rest of your time building is done in the single engine airplanes.