Airline domiciles for nubies

Is Detroit (dtw) a difficult/highly desired hub to be based out of for Skywest (or any other airline w domicile there). How about Phoenix? Trying to gauge how realistic it would be get either as a rookie.

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Honestly, I have no idea about either of those. There is so much turnover at the regionals that I don’t think if would be hard to get to any domicile within a year or so.


SkyWest’s website is updated every month to show you the date of hire for the most JUNIOR person at every single base. The most junior FO in DTW was hired 9/10/19 which means they are just finishing up training and are already based there. The most junior FO in PHX was hired 8/23/19 which means they likely got awarded it by the time they finished IOE and didn’t have to commute either. Keep checking this site on the “Seniority” tab if you’re curious in the future. Seniority is constantly fluctuating.

Terrific information. Thank you!