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Airline Home Bases


I am currently planning to take up the Qatar Airways MPL program. After completing the program and being hired by QA where can I expect to be placed or rather which base would I be offered ?



None of us are familiar with Qatar’s MPL training or their bases. I recommend you ask Qatar as it’s their program and their airline or check some of the international pilot forums.

As a side note I STRONGLY recommend you subsidise your MPL training with some actual basic flight training. While the MPL prepares you to be a competent FO it does not make you a pilot and you have the lives of your passengers to consider in the unlikely event everything isn’t going as planned. We’re all sadly familiar with the MPL FO who was at the controls of a perfectly good A330 and killed 200 people as a result of his lack of understanding and basic flying skills.


Hello Adam,

Thank You for helping me out with this. I’ll surely look more into the program before starting off.

Kind Regards,