Airline industry outlook

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Thank you to the mentors and all other contributors for the incredible wealth of knowledge on this forum. I’m scheduled to start at ATP Mesa in 2.5 months and this gold mine of information helped tremendously in my decision making process.

I just ran across this article and I’m curious what your take on it is:
Of course this is posted online, so grain of salt and all… but I’m just hoping that I’m not a little too late to this party. Thanks in advance for your opinions!



I would not worry too much about this. Much of this article focused on the global economy, I did not see any reference to issues within the US. Also, even a slight cooling of the industry would still not stop the large number of pilot retirements, which is a huge factor in the pilot shortage.


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I don’t want to underplay the tragedy of the two 737 Max crashes but there’s no valid comparison that can be made between those and 9/11. Terrorism is something the world has been battling (fairly successfully I might add) for decades. The 737 Max is a very specific isolated situation that can and will be remedied.


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Chris and Adam,

Thank you for your input. After reading so much about this being the best time in history to become a pilot, this was the first time I had read anything to the contrary and that worried me a little bit. But pursuing this career is still a dream come true to me so I won’t let it discourage me. Thanks again for everything you guys do on this forum!