Airline Industry

Good Afternoon from San Diego, I have a few questions and hopefully the answer I get can help me make a better decision with what I would like to do with my future. My name is Ravi Seetaram, I’m currently in the United States Navy and I’ve been serving for a little over two years now, currently 20 years old, I’m not too sure what I would like to do at the end of my 4 year contract. I’ve always wanted to be a pilot since I was younger, I’ve been up on discovery flights before and I pay extra for window seats everytime I fly I know that’s sounds crazy but that’s what I do everytime
I fly, there’s just something about flying that amazes me so much, but I know it’s really competitive to get a job as an airline pilot, I know the airlines have been hiring a lot more for about a year now and my question is, how long do you think the airline industry will stay at this pace before its gets really tough to get hired again?
I’m just trying to make a plan and put it into action and your answer will help me have a better understanding of what I should do. Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing from you.


There is for sure a pilot shortage and the Regionals are hiring like crazy. No one knows for certain but it is expected to continue for a while (at least 5+ years). Now when it comes to moving on to a Major they’re not as desperate and the process becomes much more competitive. Since you say you’re 20 and have been in the Navy for 2yrs I have to assume you didn’t go to college. While the Regionals will hire you without a degree it’s extremely rare and difficult to get hired without a 4yr degree at a Major. Part of your plan need to be how you’ll earn that degree.


Thank you so much Adam, that was really helpful. I’m currently working on my AA in technical management, being in the navy and working on a degree is tough but working on one or two classes is better than working on no classes, so I’m slowly working on my degree and if I do get out, I’m definitely pursuing a bachelors degree !


I am glad that you are working on your degree. One way or the other, it will most certainly help you.