Airline opportunities overseas

Hey aviation family, I was just asking myself about opportunities to fly overseas. If anyone is knowledgeable on this subject please let me know. I was wondering if the pay was higher or not, and if the opportunities are better or worse. And would you recvomend doing it if you have no problem moving to a new country


This topic comes up from time to time and it’s really a matter of personal preference. The big attraction in the past WAS the pay but in the last 2 yrs the Majors in the US have raised salaries considerably so that’s less of a draw. Some people like the adventure of it which is fine. To me the biggest issue is I’m a big fan of the good ole USA. There are many freedoms and rights that we take for granted. For instance, did you know the pilots in the SFO Asiana crash faced criminal charges when they returned home? We also have unions in this country. In the US you upgrade when your seniority number can hold it, foreign countries there’s no guarantee you’ll ever. Break reg? here in the US you’ll have a meeting with the Chief pilot, overseas you could be fined, fired or both.

There are pros and cons to everything. I recommend if you’re interested you Google some of the forums that cater more to overseas pilots and get their take.


Thanks very much Mr.Adam, this was very insightful.