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My name is Mohamad I am new here
And I decided to be airline pilot for life but I have done couple of research’s but I didn’t understand anything so my question is what do I need to a airline pilot when iam not trying to go to college and I want start right after high school is there anyway that I can do that and thanks


Our FAQ section is the best place for you to start for questions like this.

Now about the degree, it’s always better to have a 4yr degree to maximize your chances of getting hired by a major someday. Plus, your degree could be used as your backup plan just in case. I know a lot of major airlines don’t explicitly say that a 4yr degree is required, but the truth is almost every pilot has one. Plus, the requirements can change at any time. Choosing not to earn a degree is just too risky. Not having a degree is like betting a diploma against the majority of your potential earnings at a major. If that one piece of paper could make all the difference, do you really want to leave it to chance? I wouldn’t.



What is it you don’t understand? As Tory said you’re best visiting our FAQ section as we outline the process.
It’s fairly simple. You need to get training and earn the required licenses and ratings after that you need to build the required time.

While it is possible to fly for a Regional without college you won’t go far. You’ll watch the people you work with leave to fly around the globe making 5 times what you do. You might want to think about not, not trying college.



I would strongly encourage you to work on your writing skills, to include punctuation and grammar. When you are applying for a job that can easily pay well over $300k per year, a company will want to see that they are hiring somebody that can represent them well. Good writing skills are part of that.