Airline Recruitment Events


Quick question for all of you with more experience than myself - are there any exceptional resources online to find general airline recruitment events?


I am not actually aware of any one website that complies all of that information. Places where aisle recruiters tend to congregate though are the annual Women in Aviation conference and the annual Organization of Black Airline Pilots conference. Both conferences are of course open to pilots from all walks of life, not just those targeted in the organization’s names.

I just attended the Women in Aviation Conference last week, I believe all of the airlines had representatives there.



Thanks Chris! I’ll keep an eye out for both of those conferences.

If you follow their recruiting pages on social media like Facebook, they usually post once a month about the recruiting events they’ll be hosting. But I know SkyWest specifically also posts them on their careers website. You may end up having to look them up individually (outside of the major conferences).


LinkedIn is also a great source of recruitment and career opportunities. In fact, ATP Flight School also has their own page!



Thanks Brady and Adam!