Airlines paying for flight training (with a contracted commitment)

Good afternoon!
I may not have just won the Mega Millions, but I am just as excited as if I did! I have been trying to save up money to start flight training to become a commercial pilot. In December I completed my bachelor’s degree (forensic psychology) so I at least have that going for me.
A co-worker informed me some airlines are paying for 100% of the training required, as long as you sign a commitment to work for them. Is this information accurate?
Thank you for any information.



When things sound too good to me true they usual are as is your co-workers claim. At least to some degree. There is no airline that’s going to cover the cost of your training before you’ve done any training. Know why? Because flying airplanes is unique from many vocations as there’s not just a academic requirement, but a physical one. People lack coordination, get airsick or scared. Some people are just lousy pilots and no airline will invest $100k hoping that you’re not. What your friend may be referring to is the fact that many Regional airlines are now offering Tuition REIMBURSEMENT and hiring bonuses over $100k that will cover the cost of your training but that’s only AFTER you’re done and therefore can demonstrate you have the ability to be successful as a pilot. Make sense?





Right now Aviate is the only program that will provide a private pilot license free of cost but the rest of the ratings are still on you.

The reality is you have to have tons of money laying around in the bank or get approved on a hefty unsecured loan that often requires a co-signer.

However, once you have financing and complete training there are DOZENS of tuition reimbursement programs and signing bonuses available. At that point, you’ve proved your worth as a pilot and airlines are ready to invest in you.