Airman Medical vs Student Pilot Medical

Do we still need student pilot Medical after getting airmen medical certificate. What’s the difference between these two examinations? Which is more strict test? Because when I register on FAA MedXpress, I have no option to select student pilot Medical, I don’t know why.

There is no such thing as a “student pilot medical”. You need a First Class Medical. You will get your student pilot license once you begin training.

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Pls see above screenshot (I can’t choose student pilot Medical option, it’s gray color not clickable)


As Chris said, there is no student pilot medical. The above screen shot does not say “Student Pilot Medical”, it says “Airman Medical & Student Pilot Certificate” (words matter). This used to be a single document but the FAA changed the regulation to make them separate (thinking rather then remove the item it was easier to just grey it out?). Regardless, as Chris said you need a First Class Medical. The Student Pilot Certificate will be needed before you solo and your instructor will help you get that through the IACRA system.



You will apply for the Airman Medical Certificate 1st Class for the “FAA 1st Class Medical,” the Student Pilot Certificate is applied through the FAA IACRA website, with a CFI. You will receive an FTN, a temporary certificate (print out) and then a plastic card with a 7 number pilot certificate.