Airport Lounges

Just wondering if any pilots not while on duty have ever been to an airport lounge? I’m sure I’m asking a rhetorical question. What is/was it like? If so what are the best ones? Are Centurion Lounges the best? Just curious.

I have not been inside one yet. I’m told an annual membership covers food and drinks for you and and a couple friends. Day passes are also available. Worth it if you travel a lot. Each airline’s lounge has a good description of each online. One day when I’m debt free I’ll see what all the hype is about.


Okay thanks for responding

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I have been in several of the lounges and never found them to be that exciting. They have some food and free drinks (not top shelf), but I generally think they are not worth all of the excitement that they seem to generate.

If you ever get the chance to go in one you should try them out… The prices for a day pass vary by airline… For me im a cardholder for United and i get two passes a year and tbh… the lounges are kind of worth it, because you’re away from The hectic busy terminals, most of them do have snack/food choices and a open bar and of course free Wi-Fi.

Okay thanks