All writtens complete

Signed up to start the program about two(ish) months ago and just moved down here to Phoenix last week. Starting Sep. 17 and have completed all 6 writtens and the extra IGI.

Would time be more wisely spent reading the PHAK or going through the private modules on atp intranet?


There are Pre-Course Assignments that should be completed prior to your start that you’ll find on the Student Intranet.


Thanks for the response! I probably should have added that the pre course assignments are done as well (most of them are just the king’s school modules that had to be done for the private written)

Greg (ory),

I was in a similar situation. After finishing my last written, the instructors at the ATP location recommended I:

  • Read the C-172 POH (or Archer POH if that’s what you will be flying), paying special attention to V speeds, W&B, normal procedures
  • Try to memorize the emergency procedures for 172 (or Archer).
  • Glance through the Garmin Pilot Manual relevant to your aircraft (G1000, 430, etc)

If you are starting with 0 time, reading through the PHAK may be time well spent…sounds like you have a few weeks to kill and that will keep your mind sharp. If there were any areas within the King’s software that you weren’t too sharp on, this may also be a good time to review those areas.

These recommendations are probably way overkill but since you have so much time, why not take advantage of it and get a leg up compared to your peers. Congrats BTW on completing all your writtens…that’s awesome!


Thank you so much for the response! I didn’t even think of going through the POH. Definitely seems like it would be worthwhile to do before starting.

I am at zero time so the PHAK will probably be some bed time reading for me

Hey Gregory,

How long did you study for each written? I am new to the aviation industry and I feel like I may be taking too much time on each area. I just started studying for the private a couple of weeks ago.

Also, do you have any tips for studying or doing well on them?


Hey Colton

For private I used king’s school and the ASA study app on my phone. I probably spent about two and a half weeks on private since you have to do all the king’s modules.

After that I did Instrument, Instrument Instructor and Instrument Ground Instructor which I used Sheppard Air and probably spent close to two weeks studying for (was by far the hardest group of tests for me). Follow Sheppard’s study strategy and you should be all set. I would also suggest watching a few videos on YouTube that will explain approach plates and it will make studying much easier, I made the mistake of not doing that for a few days.

Commercial I spent probably three days and it wasn’t too bad. Similar to private with a bit more info.

Flight instructor airplane was also around three days and kind of similar to commercial spent around three days

And FOI was like a psych test but the bank is really small and I spent around two days studying for that one with Sheppard as well!

Good luck!

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Also if you have any specific questions about concepts (such as VOR weather etc…) I’d be more than willing to help out! Can give you my email or Facebook if you would like!


I would go through ATP’s modules. Stick with their program, it works.


I’m going through the ATP modules now. It seems to be taking me a little longer than I was expecting. I’m still working full time to save money but studying a couple of hours every night.