Alternate Flight Cadet Programs

Hi all,

I just want to start and comment to how spectacular I find this community and I am saddened that I will not be eligible to be apart of this community for reasons I will detail.

I am 18 and looking at options for becoming a professional pilot with the hopes in one day flying for Delta. I have been accepted to MGSU in Georgia, (With the plans to further my college credits from my Associates in Arts degree and obtain their Aviation Science and Management Degree) and have been admitted into their flight program with all the details ironed out. However, with a connection through my father, I talked with an airline pilot recently from United Airlines that mentions how poor a choice colleges with flight programs truly are. Upon looking at everyone’s great opinions on this forum, I have to agree that a Cadet Program is right for me; however, I was in contact with ATP’s admissions and found out that I am too tall to participate in ATP’s program (for reference I am 6’7).

With that said, in y’alls opinion, what are some other cadet programs that offer a similar fast tracked pace to ATP, preferably on the east coast. I will be researching some more on my own later this evening but I value numerous opinions like the users on this site. I appreciate those willing to offer advice and wish y’all a blessed day.


First to clarify ATP is not a cadet program. ATP is a flight school that pioneered both accelerated training and the airline partnerships that are so prevalent today.

As for other programs available with similar timelines you’d really have to do some Googling.