Alternative loan options for ATP?


I am interested in making a career change from being a software engineer to a commercial pilot. I found ATP Flight School offers the best knowledge with a significant number of accreditations for an expedited time frame from a zero experience program.

I have applied to ATP Flight School’s financial recommendation, Sallie Mae. But unfortunately, my loan of $125k was denied, and don’t have any cosigners to help approve my application.

Does anyone know what other loan options are available that can increase my chance of getting this amount accepted? It sounds unreasonable for any other agency to approve this, but I’m sure there can be one.


Have you reached out to Kirk in finance at ATP? He’s really the authority and can offer solutions.

That said you need to understand that these loans are unsecured and the bank is taking a significant risk. Talk to Kirk.



As Adam said, talk to Kirk, he is the expert on all such things. There might be some other options that he is aware of. Do know though that the requirement for a co-signer is pretty standard across the industry.



As the others mentioned, you will want to talk to Kirk in the finance department, 904-595-7946.

It is typical for students to need a cosigner, below is a link from ATP’s website on cosigner prospectus: