Alumni of Ellington Field Location

Greetings Y’all,

I am looking to connect with any current or former students/instructors from the Ellington Field location. Would like to pick your brain about your experience at that location. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Hopefully someone from Ellington will chime in but keep in mind, as intended, the turnover is pretty quick. On the average it takes ATP instructors approx 1-1.5yrs to build their time and move on. If someone has a positive (or negative) impression it’s most likely associated with the instructor they had who in all likelihood it’s gone.

ATP strives to deliver the same level and experience throughout their network of schools. So if you read any student experience from any location (other than local logistics) it should be pretty much the same.


Thanks Adam,

That makes sense. If by chance someone is still there or recently moved would be great to chat. Regardless, I have a tour scheduled to go see first hand and hopefully get to chat with a few people while I am there. In my opinion, no such thing as to much information.

Also I’m fairly certain Ellington is a relatively new location. Been open less than a year.

Thanks Galen

Did not realize it was so new.