Am a trucker

I would like to know if I can study on my own time

I’m a trucker myself, currently working OTR and saving up the cost of tuition. While I haven’t been studying flight material yet (since I’m still a couple years away from having the money for ATP), I have been studying other materials so that I could test out of college courses.

If your goal is to work at the majors, and you don’t have your degree, you’ll need it eventually so might as well get started now. Studying on your own time so that you can test out of prerequisites seems like a solid way to spend your downtime.

Thank you for the response it is greatly appreciated


While you can study on your own, studying aviation without actually flying can be confusing as many things will be out of context. If you find the subject interesting by all means study away, just know you might get frustrated.


Thank you for the information I really appreciate it