Am I required to buy renters insurance during flight school?

Im a little confused about aircraft renters insurance. Im not sure If I will need it during flight school and if I do need it, how much coverage do I need. Also does renters insurance just cover one type of aircraft or does it cover all types of single engine/multi engine?


You shouldn’t need insurance while in flight school. All reputable schools will have insurance for their instructors, student’s and aircraft. If they don’t I’d look for another school.


If I want to rent an airplane outside of the flight school I attend then what insurance will I need and how much coverage. Also what aircraft is covered under renters insurance? Is it just a specific make and model?


I would love to give you answers to this, but it is really outside of my area of knowledge. I would recommend contacting AOPA and asking them, they are the experts when it comes to all things general aviation.