Am i to tall to become a commercial pilot

I’m 6’6 and ive wanted to become a commercial pilot and id like to get an answer from a professional if im to tall to follow this career path


You’re def not too tall (I’ve flown with taller). The biggest challenge will be finding a flight school with training airplanes you’re comfortable in.


Thank you so much for the reply! That was my biggest worry about going for this dream


If you’re considering ATP, you’ll need to talk to the admission department to see if an intro flight could be set up to evaluate your mobility within the cockpit. Unfortunately the adjustments in the Archer are not as robust as in other planes. It’s critical that you can manipulate the flight controls to their full range of motion to be safe in training.



This is a question for Admissions, have you hence called them since your original post 4D ago?


I haven’t im going to call when i get home today. Sorry for the late response