American Legacy Hubs in Europe?

Hi! I’m planning to attend ATP soon, and I’m curious if there are any American pilots who work for US Airlines, that are stationed in Europe/ Asia? For example, I read online that Delta has hubs in Amsterdam, Paris, London, Tokyo, and Seoul. Is that true, and are there American pilots stationed in any of those locations (that do NOT need to have a European/ Asian passport)?

I’m really interested in living in Europe but also want to start flight training soon, and have heard it’s next to impossible to get hired by a European airline without a European passport. Plus that pay/ regulations are better with US airlines.

But I would be super interested in starting my career in the US then moving to a US airline’s international hub and still working for them abroad, IF that’s a thing at all.

Thanks in advance for your advice and knowledge!



To my knowledge that was something done in the past but currently is not.


I believe certain cargo operators have hubs abroad, like Fedex has CGN. They often come with significant restrictions from what I’ve read. No passenger airlines though.



There was a time when overseas bases were common for US based carriers, but that was back in the days when airplanes stopped frequently for fuel and when US based airlines had more extensive route structures in Europe. The Europeans shut that down (even though they want open access to our domestic routes) and the US bases closed.