American Pilot Job Opportunities Abroad

So I have lived a good portion of my life overseas and would like to continue to do so after flight school and ultimately the Air Force. Other than living overseas and commuting into base, are there any possibilities of flying overseas? I hear some Middle Eastern and far Eastern airlines will hire American pilots.

Also, as far as commuting in from overseas, would one need to buy their own ticket to make it back to base? Or is there some other option that I haven’t read about yet.



While Europe can be tough due to their work rules, many Middle Eastern and Asian airlines hire US pilots.

As for commuting in (I’m assuming you mean if you work for a US airline and live overseas) all airlines provide their pilots with flight benefits which would allow you to commute for free or at least pretty cheap. The problem would be however when you’re new and junior when you have little control over your schedule. Most new pilots are on reserve which means you need to be within hours of your base. For you that would mean many lost days off coming in or getting home.


If you’ve flown in the Air Force, I have a lot of questions for you if you wouldn’t mind answering them!