American v. Delta v. United

I am a 16 year old looking to see which airline would best be suited for me in the future. I am mainly concerned about future prospects, and pay/seniority. I would like to know what the people on here think, though I think I know what will be said.


What’s the best truck? Ford, Dodge or Chevy? Best super hero? Batman, Spider-Man, or Superman? Chinese, Japanese or Thai food? I could go on but I think you get my point. When you’re talking about the big 3 legacy carriers there are pros and cons to all and no one can really say which is best. Moreso no one can predict who’ll be on top in 10yrs when you’re ready to fly for one.

At your age that should really be the furthest thought in your mind. If you hope to fly for one of them you’d be far better served by doing well in HS, then college, then in your flight training. Then, when the time comes you can weigh your priorities and decide where you want to set your sights. In many cases the best airline is the one that hires you.


What are the pros and cons? Where can I go to find these?


Airline Pilot Central has a lot of the basic info on each airline like pay scales, fleet size, bases, etc. It’s really not a matter of which one is better. It’s what airline fits your priorities the best. Do you want to fly internationally on wide-body aircraft, well United would be your best bet. Do you want to get paid the highest rate, currently that would be at Delta. Do you want to live in Charlotte, well American is the only one with a Charlotte base.

Honestly, like Adam said, you’re wasting your time now trying to decide on which airline you want to go to. You’re young and have a lot of work to do before you’re even close to making a decision. Besides, the airline has to chose you, not the other way around.


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