An Eager Professional Pilot

Hey guys, I’ve had this page favorited for some time now and I visit quite often. First off I want to thank all the mentors on here for taking the time to provide so much valuable information, it is very helpful to prospective airline pilots to hear the opinions of guys who are actually out flying the line and also know how ATP’s program works.

My name is Justin, I am 22 and from North Carolina. My goal is to complete my bachelors degree in the next 2 years, then start ATP’s program, move onto a regional airline and eventually be hired by a major/legacy airline. I just finished up my associates degree this past spring from a community college in NC. I have been accepted into ASU as a transfer student so I will be moving to Tempe, AZ next month! (No, I’m not chasing the good weather haha). As of now I my intended major is Political Science although I have submitted a major change request to Business. After completing my education I plan on attending ATP at the Phoenix-Mesa training center. I am looking forward to instructing and networking with others that are just as interested in aviation as I am. That being said, as of now I really don’t have any personal contacts with pilots, but if I’m not mistaken ATP students usually don’t have a problem acquiring references and contacts during their time at ATP and the regionals? I can’t even explain how eager I am to begin flight training. It is literally all I have thought about everyday since I truly realized that if I keep up my strong work ethic, I can achieve my dream career of being an airline pilot. People will never understand why I look up to the sky whenever I hear a plane overhead or go to the flight tracker app to see what kind of plane and what airline it was lol. Also, I have a tattoo on my inner bicep (nothing vulgar) that it is slightly visible with a short sleeve shirt on. I have read that pilots can wear long sleeves everyday, which sounds miserable so I do plan on getting it removed thanks to the advancement in lasers, but I’m sure this can be a lengthy process so I am wondering if I would need to cover it up while at ATP since the short sleeve Dri-Fit golf shirt is the attire during training?

Anyways, I look forward to keeping up with this wonderful forum until I begin my training. Hopefully the Arizona skies will throw me an east coast thunderstorm or two during my training so I don’t feel left out :grin:. Piper’s and Cessna’s can still takeoff in 110° temperatures right? lol


I like the plan that you have laid out, stick with it. I do have to ask though, have you taken an introductory flight yet? If not, you really need to do so before committing to this career path.

The tattoo will be fine for ATP, but I personally would get it removed.

Thanks for your compliments on the forum :slight_smile:



I echo Chris’ advice if you haven’t taken an intro flight.

For you or anyone interested in flying: If you have some money to spare, study and work up to getting a solo. Install Microsoft flight simulator and fly some of the “flight lessons” they have there to work on your scan, checklists, and radio calls. I did that in college and it actually helped me get more for my money when I was in an actual airplane. Having my PPL in flight school put me slightly ahead of my peers and helped me end up flying the airplanes I wanted.

Once you can solo and do, you’ll probably know if you absolutely love flying, or if you’re ready to look for something else.

In Annapolis I had a friend whose father was a test pilot in the Navy; he was selected to become a Navy pilot after graduation. He started flight training in a Cessna and failed out very early in the curriculum. I’ts not for everyone. Give it a try.