Android Apps

What are good android apps to have for school and for career? Some apps work only for iPhone (Foreflight) and some work for both. What are your guy’s input? Thank you in advance.

LogBook Pro. The only pilots who don’t use a digital logbook are those who started with paper and find it to be too much of a hassle after years to transfer. You’ll want paper too when you start for your endorsements etc but if you parallel with digital you’ll be set. One keystroke for 8710’s, and every conceivable report for filling out applications. Sync’s with your master. Best app/program I’ve ever bought.




I’m not an Android owner. So, I have no idea. The only apps I used during
training was ForeFlight and FAR/AIM. I still use both of them actually. The
next app I’ll buy is mccPilotLog. There are many other electronic logbooks
out there, even ForeFlight offers one now. Unlike other electronic
logbooks, mccPilotLog is a one time fee and it syncs to my company’s flight
log program. So, after every flight the flight is logged automatically. It
even knows how much of the flight was conducted at night. I just have to
add extra details like Pilot Flying, Pilot Monitoring, Landings,
Approaches, etc.



I am going to sound like the old guy here and tell you that I actually do not use any apps on my phone that are related to aviation (other than the United Airlines app). My company issued iPad has several apps like Jeppessen and various weather apps.


Thank you guys for all the feedback, within the next few months I will be training to get my PPL before moving on to get my AAS in Aviation Technology with a focus in fixed wing. I want to try and get ahead of the game here and prepare myself the best way possible and this site is doing just that.

Sounds like a plan, but a long one. Keep in mind that the majors will want to see a four year degree, not a two year.