Another Background Check Question

I’ve recently been looking into becoming a pilot but have some heavy concerns.

Immediately after high school I was planned to enlist with the Air Force. After scoring high on my ASVAB and speaking with the recruiter. I told him I wanted to fly jets. Which he responded with “You’re too tall.”

I took that as you can’t be a pilot

Now for lack of motivation I took his “you’re too tall” and thought being a pilot was impossible so I withdrew from that dream.

I’m a Lyft driver currently and one day had a pilot as my passenger.

Long story short, he gave me options.

& now this dream is reignited, heavily.

I’ve never had a career in life as a goal.

But there’s a fire inside me to pursue this and my wife is 100% behind me.

Now my concern is My Criminal History:

9/25/2012 Resist Police Officer - NO WEAPON Misdemeanor

11/10/2014 Driving W/o Lic

Please allow me to give explanation on the first incident as I’m sure at first read it will make me a bad candidate to most airlines.

To say that this happened because I was young or immature could not explain the situation that I was involved in.

This happened because a officer got too violent with my brother and I. At first interaction with the officer we both surrendered, arms up. The officer got very physical with my brother. In reaction what I was push the officers hand off my brother and stopped. He did not fall, he did not lose balance, I just took his hands off of my brother and immediately surrendered.

He then began to rough me up and take me down. He let my brother go and I go to jail.

I’m not trying to point the finger.

But that’s the truth, I was 18 years old when this happened & I know now that I should have let the events transpire and should have reported it through the justice system rather then taking action irresponsibly and disrespectfully.

But at that time I lacked the responsibility of thinking before reacting. As this incident was the best life teacher I didn’t ask for. My actions carry the weight for my whole family and require a lot more thought then before.

I did not come from money, and my Public Defender who was assigned to me by the state threatened that my best option was to plea and not to fight it.

I know the image these actions paint me as is terrible. But that is not me, I won’t claim I was just a kid.

But as a general sense of respect for others and authority these actions don’t define my character but should define the lack of responsibility I held at that age. I’ve never had another incident since that arrest.


I am looking to get a Bachelors to hopefully shine some positive into my application and will do the most to get more involved, I’ll readily re apply every chance I’m allowed and get involved with any airline and volunteering as much as possible.

I am 26 now nearing 27 by the time my training is done and my bachelors degree finished I’ll be roughly 31-32.

This incident was from the age of 18.

If my record stays as is

Will I ever be a Major Airline Pilot?

Will I ever be a pilot period?

Is the investment worth it?


My answer is no different than what Adam said in this FAQ article: Criminal Records and Background Checks


Michael Prieto,
I can relate to you. My situation is somewhat similar. You already seem to be able to make this negative into a positive as far as how you are choosing to view it. Taking responsibility for your part and explaining what you have learned will hopefully turn this on its head. But Im not a pro pilot nor a recruiter so all I can do is hope with you. I do know that I have spent a couple decades thinking that this dream isn’t a possibility for me and it has dampened my spirit. Every time I see an aircraft I cannot help but stare at it and wonder what is going on n the cockpit and what that person’s view is of the world/life. I have chosen to at least tour ATP this Monday. Im hoping Skywest will be present the time I am there. They are scheduled to be as Sac campus this coming week. I have also considered piloting jobs other than the regionals and majors and decided that, if that is all I can get, than I’ll take it. As long as I get into the air, for that is where I want to be.


The visits from the airlines are scheduled, so there is no need to hope they are there. Call admin and make sure that your tour is scheduled to overlap with SkyWest.



Honestly, I just don’t know here. Resisting an officer is a very serious charge, it could potentially deny you access to Canada, which is obviously a stumbling block for the airlines. I recommend that you call the recruiting departments of several regional airlines and ask them directly.

As for your story, I would condense it, eliminate the part about why your actions were justified (in your mind at the time) and the lousy public defender and just own the part about being young and making a foolish mistake.


Airline Panel: Mr Prieto, tell us about this Resist Police Officer charge you have?
You: “This happened because a officer got too violent with my brother and I. At first interaction with the officer we both surrendered, arms up. The officer got very physical with my brother.”
AP: Soooo you’re saying you and your brother were doing nothing, minding your own business and the police just rolled up, you both “surrendered” and they started getting rough for no good reason whatsoever?

See where this is going? Im not going to debate this but you put your hands on a police officer. Right or wrong this is generally considered a poor decision.

I’m also not going to lie, if you’re squeaky clean since 2014, have a 4yr degree and build a solid resume at a Regional you may have a shot at a Major but otherwise it could be an issue.


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Oh I’m sorry Adam I did not explain the incident before.

It was a fight in Las Vegas NV on the strip with two other individuals. I was swung at but did not participate and was backing off avoiding the other guys swings. The other guy went for my brother who is more aggressive then I. Before security arrived me and my brother started to leave the area. We walked off the bridge and that’s when a cop screamed to stop faintly in the distance. We continued down the steps but the second time he was more clear and closer to us so we stopped and surrendered.

I know how this seems and how it may make me come off.

But I am far from a criminal I got struck in the face but still did not put my hands on anyone and really got involved in the situation for being around my brother.

& I don’t want to shout police brutality so the best I could do is do as Chris says and own up to making the mistake and proving a different mind set now.

Thank you Chris.
Will do, I see it seems I’m trying to blame someone else for the incident.

Either way my action would not be justified as I disregarded the officers position as Law Enforcement.

All I really wanted to be sure is I have a chance.

Even if it’s a uphill battle a chance is all I need to hear to give it a go.

I’m sorry for the repeated question in the forum as I see you guys answering this a lot but I know resisting arrest looks ugly.

I’m enrolling to get my associates in college.

Then plan to enroll into ATP

and finish my Bachelors online like I’ve seen you guys post in the forums before.

I’m gonna stick around here and hopefully in a few years can get my confirmed student tag :ok_hand: