Another Fascinating Time ft. Mesa

Mesa Airlines today announced their increase in pilot pay. What a time to become a pilot in the industry.


It’s a crazy world we’re living in.


$100/hr first year FO? Jeez…


Looking online it says that a pilot flys and average of 75 hours per month plus an addition 150 hours of other duties. If this is correct and I am interpreting this correctly that about $22,500/month. Or am I incorrect about something here. Either way that’s fantastic



Sadly no. Pilots only get paid for flight hours (with exceptions like DHs, premium pay, etc). On the average pilots fly (and get paid) between 75-90hrs mos.


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The “additional 150 hours of other duties” probably refers to a yearly total of training, vacation pay, etc.


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$100 an hour? Isn’t that more than what an FO at United makes their first year? (I know year 2 it goes up significantly but still…)

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Yes, it is. United is in contract negotiations with their pilots now. Clearly this is something that will need to be addressed.



It’s the regional market’s hardest play to keep pilots, pay. The airline with the highest FO pay will continue to attract new 1500 hr applicants even if that supply shrinks. If their LCA and Captains can make a significant amount more than Major FO pay, they will stay longer. The name of the game surviving these times, do whatever you need to do to keep pilots from leaving. Sadly money speaks the loudest. Quality of life changes as a close second.



I totally understand that! Its just crazy how quick these pay rates are going up! Great time to be a pilot trying to get into the airlines right now!