Another headset question

Yes, another headset question…
But not about which is best. I don’t want to restart the pro/anti bone debate again. Is there an actual store front that I can go to try on and test some of the features before I drop $800-1000 on a set? I’ve seen a couple online stores, but are there local stores out there? I tried searching and have not really found anything besides online orders.
Oh… I live in Charlotte NC if that helps. I start my training in November. Yay!


First things first, congrats on your start date!

To answer your question, your best bet is to probably head to a local airport and see if there’s a pilot shop on or nearby the airport. If you can find a pilot shop they may have some headsets on display. Actually getting the chance to use the headsets will be up to them and may require you to pay for some flight time with an instructor.

If you ARE comfortable dropping $1,000, Bose has a 60-day free trail if you buy direct.

Not sure what DC’s return policy is.

In the end, there’s always websites like Craigslist, FB Marketplace and OfferUp if for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied and need to resell, but if you buy a Bose I doubt that you’ll be dissatisfied :wink: