Another Reckless Driving Question

Hey folks so I know this question has been asked over and over again but I want to get some opinions with the current situation and death of the pilot shortage in mind.

So to get in to the meat of the story my driving record is far from the best. 3 speeding tickets but none since 2014. And the big one is the Reckless driving in 2015. It was an arrest but I hired a lawyer and took a deferred plea. It was a stupid mistake I made when I had really no plan for my future. If it matters my license was never suspended or anything like that.

Just wondering what y’all think my chances are with the current death of the pilot shortage and whatever may come after.


There was no pilot shortage for considerably longer (decades and decades) before there was one and pilots were able to get hired without perfect driving records.

If you’ve gotten your bad behavior out of your system AND none of the charges were drug or alcohol related you should be fine. If however you continue you won’t be.



I agree with Adam here, I think you will be okay, as long as no drugs or alcohol were involved. Now moving forward, you need to keep a very clean driving and FAA record. It seems like your driving behavior has improved, keep it that way.