Anxiety medication

I want to be a commercial pilot but I take anxiety medication. I have been taking it for 5+ years and believe coming off of it will have negative consequences to my health. My anxiety isn’t bad but I’m not sure if it’s due to the medication working or not. Do I have to get off this medication in order to get my license? TIA!


You will need to consult a FAA Medical Examiner for all such questions, only they are qualified to answer medically related questions. You can find one here:


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While you should absolutely consult with an AME, like Chris mentioned, you might be able to get a good idea on wether or not you can continue taking your medication by looking at the approved medications list put out by the FAA.

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Maybe his medication is on the list and maybe it’s not? And maybe the AME (who’s the professional) can recommend alternatives or other solutions. It’s not as simple as checking the list. He needs to consult an AME period.

On a positive EVERY pilot I know loves giving advice on EVERYTHING. You’ll do well :wink:


I completely agree with you, Adam. I’m would never assume that it’s completely safe to use just because it’s on the list but suggested it just as a starting point.

Thanks for putting a positive spin on things. I try not to chime in on the grey areas, but remember going through this procedure when I was getting my medical and had to look up my medications, which helped in going into my exam with the AME a little more educated.