Any hope left after DUI?

Hello everyone! So firstly I want to state that me, myself am not a pilot. However my boyfriend is. So I’m really just trying to do some research and get the advice from current pilots who are in the airlines. So about two years ago my boyfriend graduated Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Upon completion, he made the stupid mistake of celebrating with his friends and ends up getting a DUI.He ended up getting it reduced to wreckles driving, didn’t get his license suspended and completed community service. But the fact of the matter is he did get arrested, which also is the only thing on his record and was squeaky clean before. So fast forward to today he’s in contact with the FAA in regards to obtaining his medical back. He’s already been evaluated per the FAA request and the Dr. told him they didn’t think he needed to enroll in the Hims program and they recognized he simply made a mistake. Today however whenever he did finally get back in touch with the FAA they want him to enroll in a rehabilitation program because they are now saying from his breathalyzer test, that he blew too high which shows tolerance. So as you can imagine he’s beating himself up and is convinced that he has ruined his career before it even began. He’s currently 200k in the hole and now feels like he did it all for nothing and is now contemplating on going back to school for engineering. I don’t want to see him give up on his dreams before they even began. I guess I’m really asking is there a chance of him still being able to get a good paying job in the airlines still after he dose the rehabilitation program? Or if he’s doing the right thing by giving up being a pilot to become an engineer. Any word of advice?

A concerned Girlfriend

He should be beating himself up and he should be concerned. A DUI is no joke and in addition to the fact he’s having issues simply getting his medical back, it demonstrates a serious lack of judgement on his part. Factor in he blew high so this is not a simply a few beers, he was drunk and could’ve killed himself or others.

IF in fact this is his only offense and he can get his medical back AND remains clean he’s got a shot, mainly due to the pilot shortage. That said the current CV19 has restricted hiring for now and if things tighten up again he could and should have issues.

If he doesn’t think it’s worth trying then he probably shouldn’t. He did one of the stupidest thing an aspiring pilot can do and obviously now doesn’t think it’s worth fighting for.


If he behaves himself he should be fine but there are no guarantees.


I would encourage your boyfriend to come on here and ask questions himself. This is his career, it would be best if he asked directly.

That being said, I don’t think his career is over, he will just have to work a bit harder than others and prove himself.