Any Waukesha, WI Grads Here?

Hello. I’m in the research stage and seriously considering ATP in Waukesha, WI. I’m wondering if there’s anyone in this forum who has recently gone through training in Waukesha? I’d love to hear about your experience. I also have questions about whether I’d have to spend any extended time away from this area during the various steps to 1500 hours? What options in this area did you have available to work after the first 9 months of ATP? What types of jobs were available with the regionals (or private) in this area once you got to 1500? Thanks


Not sure if anyone will chime in but 2 things to consider. First, ATP works very hard to ensure their students get the same experience throughout all their locations. Second if someone had a particularly good (or bad) experience with a particular instructor chances are they will have moved on by the time you get there. With that in mind I suggest you visit the Student Experience section as it is applicable regardless of location.

As to whether you’d need to be away that’s really up to you. Once you sucessfully complete your training you’ll be given a list of available locations. Hopefully the one you want is open, if it’s not you can either relocate or look for employment elsewhere.

As for jobs after the most common first step is the Regionals but others like the corporate route. Really up to you and the area you live in.



Yes, you could spend up to ten weeks away from your primary training center. Check out his link: Time Away During Flight Training / ATP Flight School

There are no airlines based in Wisconsin, the closest base would be Chicago.