Anyone planing on starting ATP Daytona beach 03/2019?

I am starting ATP in March 2019 (Daytona Beach) and wondering if anyone else is starting there at the same (or around) time.

I am not yet decided if I want to rent a 2 bed/2 bath apartment and share the rent or go into the school “dorms”, Any insights?


If you could find a roommate that would be awesome. If I could have afforded to do that I would have. If it doesn’t work out, just so you know I had a lot of positive experiences with the student housing. Everyone was more than willing to help each other. Plus, free laundry and it comes fully furnished.

The only thing that makes me hesitant about getting your own place is the risk of someone bailing. What if someone decides to leave, quit, or isn’t successful? That’s just me. I’m sure you’ve already thought about that. That’s what prevented me from getting one of my own.



I am starting on March as well. I will be using the school “dorms” and hope to have other students to study with.