Hey when attending ATP can you rent an apartment by there or do you have to live on the campus?


First of all ATP is a flight school, not a college and there is no “campus”. You’re free to live where you like. ATP does offered shared housing at reasonable rates which I for one am a fan of. It’s great to have people to study with and there are often people ahead of you to learn from and people behind to mentor.

Totally your call.


Ok thankyou and I had another question , how hard is atp flight school?

Also to be a regional airline pilot you have to be 21 right? Also, could I go to college and get an associates degree, then attend ATP flight school and get all my licenses and be a regional airline pilot while going back to school to get my bachelors, then go to the major airlines?


Flight training in and of itself is difficult. ATP then compresses what can take years into months. Short answer most people find ATP to be somewhat challenging, some find it very hard.

The question then becomes maybe I should slow down my training and not go to a school with an accelerated program. That however would be the wrong conclusion. ATP isn’t accelerated just so you can get your ratings quickly and they can boot you out. ATP was created by airline pilots to not only train airline pilots, but to prepare them for airline training. When you get hired by an airline and start your training you will already have your checkrides scheduled. There is no going to your instructor and saying “hey I’m not quite ready, I need more time”. You will either be ready or you’ll have a nice story about how you were ALMOST an airline pilot. You see people always talk about getting hired. Getting hired is easy. Getting through training is not. Long before the 1500hr rule ATP grads actually were hired with lower minimums because they had demonstrated their ability to handle the pace. In fact ATP pioneered flight school partnerships with the airlines.

Is ATP hard? I can guarantee you will need train harder than you ever have to be successful. But it’s hard for a reason and if you put in the time and effort you’ll be in a better position to be successful as you progress in your aviation career.


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You definitely could. We generally recommend people complete all 4yrs of college because many find it challenging to finish their education later. The choice however is yours. Just be honest with your abilities and discipline.


Hi Ryan,

ATP offers a convenient housing option at most locations. It is typically a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom fully-furnished apartment with wifi and utilities included. There is no lease or contract + you can request a shared (double occupancy) or private (single occupancy) bedroom. More information can be found here: Airline Career Pilot Program Housing / ATP Flight School

Finding your own apartment to live in while training is an option as well. We recommend that you have less than a 30 minute commute to the training center to ensure your success in the program. Moreover, you can cover the cost of housing and living expenses in the loan option so that everything is covered while you train full time. Flight Training Loans / ATP Flight School

Hope this helps!