Application order


So I’m currently finishing up my PPL though a local flight school then aiming to get to the 80hrs and enroll hopefully around August.

In what order and with what timelines do yo recommend applying?

I’m probably going to do my 1st class medical first as that one is obvious.

But then do you apply for financing first or enroll on the course first and how far in advance is that all usually done?

Do I have to have the full 80hrs by this time or so long as I have it by start date I’m ok?

Thanks in advance


I would have recommended the first class medical before even starting PPL training, but it should definitely be the first thing on your list now.

You should check with the admissions department, but most people apply for financing and the program itself three to six months in advance.

You need to have the eighty hours by the start date. Talk to admissions on this one as well as sometimes they are able to offer time building programs.