Applying For Financing

Hi All,

I am applying for financing right now. Regarding “Examiners Fees” and “Training Materials”, what all is incorporated in this? Just wondering if I should check that box when applying for my loan.



There are eight check rides. So checking the examiner fees box covers the
cost of those check rides. ATP provides most of the training materials now,
except for the iPad, knee board, headset, paper sectional charts and I and
a few others. I’m curious, how much money is added when you check the
training materials box?


Hello John! Can you let me know if you are co signing for the loan? I am actually applying for financing in the near future and just wanted to know if you don’t mind sharing. I am probably going to need a co signer when I do apply.

Around $1,500.

That makes sense then. $1500 would cover a headset, iPad and kneeboard.

Yeah hoping to buy my iPad on Black Friday if there is any sales on them at Best Buy. Headsets on the other hand those Bose are going to have to be paid in full (lol). What type of kneeboard is a good style/brand?

Tory, already have an iPad Air if that works? How much for a decent headset and kneeboard?


These are just examples. Make sure you buy the right size. You don’t have
to spend a lot. I actually had one student make his own using an oragami
case and some Velcro. Here are two of my favorites.


ATP currently requires an iPad with iOS 9.2 or later with wifi + cellular.
As long as your iPad fits those parameters, it will work. You can read more
about it here.

Headset and kneeboard prices vary immensely. See above for the kinds of
kneeboards I recommend. Here are some headsets. Don’t skimp out on the
headset. You’re going to use it a lot and you want a comfortable one. ALSO,
make sure it is a TSO approved headset. Lightspeed headsets are not TSO
approved. They’re okay for GA use, but not for airline use.