Approval Process


It may have already been asked before, but how long does it typically take for a student to get approved in all aspects (i.e. financing, scheduling)?

Thank you!

It took me about a week to secure financing and schuedling start date. Once you apply for financing, in most cases you will know the results right after you press apply.

Wow, that’s pretty fast! Did you find one loaner easier to work with than the other?


I remember receiving my approval immediately over the phone. After I
submitted the application, I don’t remember who called who, but there was
no wait time.

It’s actually suggested to apply to both and see which one gives you an
offer. If you receive offers from both, you get to decide which one is best
and drop the other one. I don’t believe there is a penalty for refusing an

Once approved, the next step is to call admissions and schedule your start
date. Start dates are based on Instructor availability. Like Earv said, the
whole process should take no longer than a week.


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