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Today marks one of the best days in my life and more to follow I’m positive, this morning when I woke up to see that my loan was approved I was set back with so much joy, knowing that my new career is about to take place I am about to conquer this amazing challenge and fulfill my dream job but want to thank all the mentors for all the sound advice and will be picking your thoughts still from time to time when i get some free time…(lol) thanks and hope to fly with you or shake hands in passing. Keep up all the great advice your giving.



That is great news. Thanks for the update and keep checking in with us.


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I most certainly will.:flight_departure:

@stugots39 CONGRATS!!! I know exactly how you feel!! What locations you plan on attending and do you plan on starting from zero time?

Woohoo! Nice! When do you start?


Thank you,thank you,thank you so much I plan on attending the KVGT i am fortunate to only live 2omin from the campus I have chosen a 10/02/17 start date. Is there anything I can do prior to help prepare. I have purchased the PHAK book and can’t wait to dive into it…whooooo so pumped right now!

Aww man you should’ve waited When you put your deposit down ATP gives you a box full of all the training material you’ll need even a fancy backpack. lol But like everyone on the forums say start working on your written exams.


The best thing that you can do is to start preparing for and taking your written exams. Knock out as many as you can, you will be glad you did.


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@earv I haven’t put my deposit down yet, I’m actually waiting for Wells Fargo’ s approval which I should hear from today so I can compare with Sallie Mae’s interest rate. So yes I will be cashing in on the free

@Chris From everything that I’ve been reading that is a smart thing to do, can’t wait.

Like everyone else said, do the writtens. I did mine before I came and nice to be able to focus on flying.


Yes I will definitely do that. My start date is 10/2 will that be enough time to complete all if them and by the way how many modules are there?

Quite a bit actually. They’re good to help reinforce studying for the writtens. Just make sure you learn the stuff!

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Thanks for the insite and advice. I have my discovery flight tomorrow at 0700, can’t wait!

Let us know how the flight goes, it should be good.

Ohh you know I will sir.:smiley:

Can you share more of the financial scenario?? Did you have a co-signer? Financing the whole program? I’ve applied with my wife as a co-signer. She has about 120K salary, we basically only have a 2K/mo mortgage, and we both have 750+ credit scores and still didn’t qualify. What gives!?


I’m surprised you weren’t approved. I was approved without a cosigner when
I went through. If you haven’t already, I would talk to the experts in the
finance department. They might be able to help. Sometimes it’s just a
matter of asking for a little less than the full amount.


Did you do all of the writtens? How long did you start studying before you took the writtens? Reasons I ask is I’m starting in November so I have two months to get them done and wanted to learn more about the pace you went at (like on a month time frame basis).

Which experts are you talking about? From the lender or ATP’s finance department. I got denied again without and with cosigners. Now I am trying out the split loan where I get smaller loans to cover the total amount. I tried without a cosigner and now I am going to try again with a cosigner. I want to finish up my flight training and fly in the airlines. I know its a great time to jump in.