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Hi, any recommended apps my Ipad should have for training? what could I do before starting class??

Thought I’d help out here, the ATP website has a list of the required training apps:

Hopefully that’s what you were looking for.


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Thank you, for some reason I didn’t see this.


Don’t rush to purchase the apps. The only ones you should get right now are apps for written exam prep (assuming you are going to start knocking them out.

Foreflight subscription lasts a year and you won’t have much to do with it before you begin training so that would be a waste.


ATP recently changed the recommended apps to only the Sporty’s Study Buddy App and Foreflight. We no longer recommend the ASA study apps for the written exams. Yarden makes a good point about waiting due to the subscription start date, but don’t wait to download it at the training center, it’s a very big file and you might be there for a while. I’d download that somewhere with really good internet.