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April ‘20 Schedule

Finished the last few days of my self isolation and then the rest of my schedule was recreated. Some trips were completely cancelled. Other trips were replaced. None of the flying for April was the same flying that I was awarded. I’m just thankful that I received any flying at all as this month I’m on reserve.

In order to help preserve cash and help spread the flying across the most amount of pilots, the company is offering a variety of options. They currently include:

  • Time off without pay (TOWP)
  • Reduced credit lines: ranging between 40-60 hours
  • Incentive Lines: this is a new one. Recently the company started offering 50 credits worth of pay in exchange for no flying. Pilots that were already awarded TOWP for May can submit a new request for an Incentive Line

These are all good options for those that can afford the pay cut. I for one cannot.

Alaska has been hosting regular webinars to inform us of the airline’s status and plan to avoid involuntary furloughs. To say it plainly, Alaska is optimistic. That said, we don’t know what we don’t know.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Please take advantage of this time to focus on the important things in your lives.



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Glad to hear Alaska is trying their hardest to keep you guys airborne. I haven’t been so fortunate with the closure of borders at my flight school (international school). Hours have been nil for the past month.

In the mean time I’ve picked up golf again. Plus Kayaking and Paddle-boarding. Thankfully there’s lots too do outdoors here in Florida.

Stay safe!

Michael T.

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All great solo activities. Have you not considered applying for a different flying job until your school opens up again?

Not really much available in this area. Most 135 gigs are being dried up by high qual guys that have been furloughed. Finding a Part 91 job is like needles in a haystack.

It cost us a lot to move down here so we don’t exactly have the finances to uproot to another location. I’ve looked into Civil Air Patrol to supplement hours but they won’t be active until these lockdowns ease up a bit.

I thought about Ameriflight to get turbine ME time, but with the airline industry tightening up, they are taking advantage of pilots by having them sign year contracts with training agreements. My own flight school had me sign a 1-year non-compete contract within 50 miles of base, so that limits my options as well…

Bit of a holding pattern it would seem until things improve.

Michael T.

Of aaaaaaaaallllllll the flight schools you could have chosen.

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I know, I know. lol. When I got hired it wasn’t all that bad and the pay was decent. $25 per ground and flight hour adds up nicely in a day with a full schedule. If the school eventually closes down the non-compete is not enforceable, but even if I was going to change jobs I would be relocating more than 50NM. Once countries start opening their borders back up, there’s like 50+ students waiting to start at our school, plus those wishing to return and finish their training. I still have access to our company aircraft so me and a buddy go up every now-n-then to keep our skills refined.

I’m kinda thankful I’m not at my 1500 yet as I would be pulling my hair out not being able to get a regional job. Gotta take the good with the bad during these times and just hang in there.

Michael T.