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April ‘21 Schedule

Flights are filling up and airports are crowded. Definitely good to see.

Had to move some trips around so I could get my second vaccine dose.

Saw you flew in to San Luis Obispo a few times! That is by far my favorite city in the country:)))


Oh really?! What’s your connection to SBP? That was one of my favorite airports to fly into as a CFI. 15 minute drive to the beach. Students LOVED it. As did I. They always raided the snacks in the FBO :rofl:


I took my first job after college out there producing at the local tv station, KSBY. I lived there a year and loved every minute of it!


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Why’d you move! :wink: Sounds like a sweet gig! I wouldn’t mind living there (if I had the $$$$$)

Exactly! Cost of living was just too high for an entry level news producer. I’d move back there in a heartbeat though!