April start location

Hi again! I’m looking to start school in April or may. Of Utah, Colorado and Florida, which is the better option for flying/weather in the summer? I know hot air, being less dense than cold air, causes the plane to work harder and not perform as well, but any I put would be great! Thanks!


You’re putting WAYYYY too much thought into this. Summer the weather is hot from FL to CA and everywhere in between and ATP’s planes perform just fine and have been doing so for over 35yrs.

Pick the location that works best for you.



ATP has been around for more than 35 years and now 82 locations, if weather was more of issue to ATP, they would not have a location in that spot. Regardless of whether you’re in Utah or Florida, you are going to receive the same training that someone in the other state is going to receive.

As Adam said, pick the location that is most convenient for YOU. If you have family nearby, go there - If you feel you want to get away from family, then go to one of the 81 other locations.