Are the army reserves worth it

I’m a 23 yo with a bachelors degree and my PPL. I want to go to ATP but people keep telling me that without military experience I’m wasting my time. I don’t want to go into the military but I’m considering army reserves. Would joining the reserves be worth it? Does it make that big of a difference? Or should I just go straight to ATP.

Most the people I’ve interacted with at ATP didn’t go the military route. I just came with my Bachelors as well


I can guarantee you the people that are telling you “without military experience you’re wasting your time” are not nor do they know any actual airline pilots.

I generally do not make absolute statements but they’re 100% completely wrong, period. Overwhelmingly the vast majority of airline pilots are not military and it’s been that way for decades.



The majority of airline pilots do not have military experience, none of the mentors on this board to. I would not going the military unless you wanted to. With your education, you simply need to get your license and start flying, no military required and in fact it could slow you down.


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