Are there any particular ATP locations you'd recommend?

There are many different ATP flight school locations. I checked out the one in Chicago back in October; there were only about four instructors and the facility was average. I’d much rather get out of the midwest; I believe i’ve earned it since i’ve lived and worked hard in school and in work here for 23 years.

Florida is a big idea of mine right now, preferably Ft. Lauderdale. Another that really stood out to me was Phoenix Arizona (at Mesa); That facility looks REALLY nice with a large number of instructors.

I’m sure a lot has changed since you guys went through ATP, but i’d love your thoughts on places you think are the best as far as size, facility, and things to do on weekends around their location.

Also, how much power does a newly graduated ATP student have in choosing where they want to instruct other students?


Things have changed since I went through the training but location really is a personal preference. For me it was matter of convenience. I chose a location closest to home just in case of emergencies. Many like you would enjoy a change of scenery and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some like big, some like small. there really is no right answer. Rest assured wherever you decide you’ll receive the same level of training and have the same equipment to train on. As for “extra-curricular” activities if I learned anything flying across the country with the Regionals there’s fun to be had everywhere. Earned it huh? Ok?..

As for “power” you have no more or less than any other newly minted ATP grad. ATP will ask for 3 choices and do their best to accommodate you but they do not guarantee a location of choice. Why? Because the number one question you guys ask on this forum is “can I really get to a Regional in 2 yrs?”. In order to accomplish that ATP monitors their locations and WILL NOT overstaff any location to make 1 pilot happy. It’s not fair to the other instructors and it’s not fair to you.


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Hi there,
I was wondering if ATP were around Cleveland, Akron, or Detroit? I know there’s one in Chicago.


Thanks. Found Detroit. That and Chicago are my closest ones.